Multiply family friendliness & change lives at the same time

Diaper vending machines with the goal of changing lives.

We specialize in delivering easy-to-use vending machines for public places. 100% of vending sales goes to charity.

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- Parents all around!
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Increase location visiting time

Unique concept, that makes location owner stand out.

Innovation from 🇫🇮!

Every now and then there are parents changing a diaper and noticing that they are lacking one. Going to a store that can be far away with a crying baby is a no-go and buying a big diaper pack is not convenient.

Thats why DiaperVend was born.

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Generating income for charities

Shine bright in the eyes of visitors

DiaperVend works with major charities and handles full on service by fulfillments, maintenance and support. Locations contribute by providing us place for vending and by small servicing fee.

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DiaperVend International

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/ month

+ POS fees 18,60€ / month

Fair, simple pricing

What is included in monthly subscription?

Basically everything that goes around with the DiaperVend. We will be making sure that it functions flawlessly and make sure to send out refill packages when stock is running low or provide full-on service that includes it all.

Do i need to notify DiaperVend of anything once up and running?

We have our own monitoring system for all of our vending machines. We know and are notified 24/7 of what is going around with the vending.

Will i need to install the vending?

No need! Our expert will install the vending to your preferred location and make sure it functions. 

What products DiaperVend has?
Diapers from size 3 and 6. We noticed that these are most used from our experience. DiaperVend has also small packages of babywipes and small snacks for children.
What is the catch?

We believe in trust. Thats why we dont do any long contracts and focus on making our service great benefit to your clients!

Should we start saving the diaperless?

Lets talk and figure the best spot for vending. We will help you with marketing on our product and also make your location known with families.

Our family is ready to help yours!